The GlobalTech Seminar

Ladataan Tapahtumat

This spring, ICTOulu is inviting local tech SMEs to BusinessAsema to take part in the GlobalTech Seminar, an afternoon of insights that we hope will guide and support companies in achieving their international business development aims.

The full program will include a series of presentations and discussions that we hope will guide you in the process of entering global value chains. Whether you are part of a very early stage-up startup or a company that’s looking to scale up, we will cover a wide range of subjects and topics during the event. There will also be further opportunities to share knowledge with some valuable networking time.

The full program, including speakers, will be gradually unveiled in the weeks leading up to the event. Keep your eyes peeled on the ICTOulu portal, as well as our LinkedIn channel, for further details.

Register now: https://www.lyyti.fi/reg/GlobalTech_Seminar_7651

This event is part of the BOIM-JoinGlobal project: https://oulu.com/ictoulu/the-international-market-workshops/

Contact person: Max Raymond – max.raymond@businessoulu.com

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