Business Plan and Calculations Training (online)

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Well planned is half started! Welcome to join Uusyrityskeskus Business Helsinki’s Business Plan and Calculations Training!

This training is held online in Teams. And of course free of charge!

Are you wondering if you should start a business? Are you planning to apply for Startup grant? Or for a bank loan? And now you need to write your Business Plan and you find it a bit hard to do….?

A good Business Plan is always a concrete plan of action of how you are going to implement your business in practice. Most of all it is a excellent tool for yourself as a entrepreneur!


Doing a Business Plan gives you a better understanding of:

  • Products, sales and commercialization
  • Potential customer groups
  • Marketing plan
  • Sales plan
  • Sales calculation
  • Cash flow and profitability calculation


We recommend you to participate first Starting a Business Info where you will get basic information about entrepreneurship. Next info session is held Jan 26, https://bit.ly/StartingBusinessInfo260123

In this training we will focus only on the business plan and calculations. Training is not a workshop, so there’s no time to do your plan in the session. Make good notes and you can start to write your plan after the training in earnest and turn it into numbers also in calculations.

This training in Teams will not be recorded, but presentation material is delivered to participants afterwards by email.

You can find basic layout documents of Business plan plus excellent guidelines and Calculation plans for your use here Business plan and calculations

Limited tickets available, so sign up quickly!

Welcome to online training!

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About using Teams:

To participate in the training online in Teams You will need a computer with internet connection and preferably a Chrome web browser. Teams link will be sent to you a day before the training to the same e-mail address with which you registered to the event.

Please log in with your name so we know who are present online and we can send material to participants afterwards by email.

  • Choose ”Liity kokoukseen napsauttamalla tästä” = Join Teams Meeting and join on the web 5-10 minutes before the start. (So you don’t need to download the Teams app unless you already have it in your computer).
  • Please keep your camera shut and also your mike in mute.
  • You can write your questions in the chat. Or you can raise your hand in the teams panel and open your mike when it is your turn to speak.

In the training matters are dealt in a general level. So questions which relate directly to your business plan or your own situation, you can preferably ask in the personal and confidential meeting with your Business Advisor.


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