Business opportunities in Spain

Ladataan Tapahtumat

With arrival of Next Gen-EU funds, Spanish cities have received a unique opportunity to modernize and significantly upgrade their current development.

The Government drafted a plan with 112 investments and 102 reforms, allocating 40% of 140 billion euros to support climate objectives and 28% to promote the digital transition. Come and learn more about large investment projects in Spain that will shape the country for the next decades!

Daria Mashkina, senior advisor at Business Finland in Spain, will share more details on Team Finland continuous work for untapping market opportunities in Spain and bringing them to the Finnish companies in such sectors as Digitalization, Decarbonization of Cities and Industries, Automotive, Green Transition and Health.


13.15-14.30 Opening the event Business opportunities in Spain, Daria Mashkina, Senior Advisor, BusinessFinland, Madrid Open discussion

14.45-16.00 Possibility to have one to one discussion with Daria Mashkina





Petri Karinen, petri.karinen@businessoulu.com p.044 703 1360

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