We are located in BusinessAsema. Our advisory services are available also remotely.

You can book a remote meeting from our booking calendar. You can also contact business advisors by email or phone or fill in the Contact Form. Usually, we can agree a counseling meeting no later than a week away.

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Jarmo Siipola
Jarmo SiipolaBusiness Advisor
044 977 2169
Service available in Finnish and English

On vacation 30.7-18.8.2023

Anneli Rinta-Paavola
Anneli Rinta-PaavolaBusiness Advisor
0400 216 060
Service available in Finnish and English

On vacation 30.6.-28.7.2023

Shefat Islam
Shefat IslamBusiness Advisor
040 674 9457
Service available in English, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic and Tamil
Tuija Aitto-oja
Tuija Aitto-ojaManaging Director
040 510 6315
Administration and finance

On vacation 19.6.-7.7.2023

Hallituskatu 36
90100 Oulu

Postal address:
Oulun Seudun Uusyrityskeskus ry
c/o BusinessOulu-liikelaitos
90015 Oulun Kaupunki