Business advisory services will continue open-ended at Oulun seudun Uusyrityskeskus. We will consider all the official guidelines and instructions. This means that our advisory services will be mainly composed of remote or telephone advisory.

If you have booked an appointment, our business advisor will contact you if changes occur. If you want to delay your appointment, you can contact the advisor by email or by phone. You will find the contact information from contact information

If you want to book a new appointment, that is possible. We offer so far mainly remote or telephone advisory services.

Safety instructions

When having a personal appointment at Uusyrityskeskus, we will highlight the following things:






  1. We ask our customers to wash their hands when entering our office and our advisors will also wash their hands always after meeting customers and when entering the office.
  2. We do not shake hands.
  3. During the appointment we will keep at least one-meter distance between a customer and advisor.


Cancel the meeting if you have flu symptoms

We do not receive customers with flu symptoms. Our advisors will avoid meetings if they have even the lightest symptoms like flu, headache or pain in muscles.



In situations of this kind we will:


  1. Cancel the face-to-face meeting.
  2. Aim to organize a remote or telephone meeting.
  3. Arrange a new advisory appointment and/or policy.


Events are postponed to the future

So far, we do not accept students or other visitor groups. Minustako yrittäjä and Entrepreneurship Simplified events will be cancelled until the end of May.

This policy is valid open-ended, and we will update instructions if necessary.

You can also download our Entrepreneur Guides from the website:

The guide is available in several languages.