We are looking for an ambitious business advisor to work with our international community

Oulun Seudun Uusyrityskeskus ry is a service centre for start-ups and entrepreneurs in business operated by partners and local municipalities. We support people with business ambitions and offer information necessary to plan business activities in the early stages. Our advisory services are free of charge and strictly confidential.

Job Title
Business Advisor

Job Overview
Currently, we are looking for an ambitious business advisor to work with our international community. In this position, the candidate will have to provide advice and guidance services in a range of settings to adolescents and adults with a middle-east background.

The potential business advisor should have excellent communication skills. In addition, we expect the candidate has a tolerant attitude, meaning that he or she is able to navigate past own biases or misconceptions. The ability to motivate people and good teamwork skills are a prerequisite.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Assessing personal characteristics, skills and interests via individual interviews and/or group work
  • Providing appropriate business advice for startups
  • Provide information, support, coaching, advice and guidance to businesspeople
  • Providing information on finance, funding and grants
  • Introducing businesses to networks and associates
  • Bachelor degree
  • 1-3 year work experience
  • Ability to work independently
  • Motivated self-starter
  • Knowledge of startups
  • Strong interpersonal, problem solving, & prioritization skills
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and (some of the following) Arabic, Persian/ Farsi, Tigre, Dari or Pashto, or one of the three Kurdish languages
  • We value entrepreneurial experience
  • We value Finnish language skills

Please send your CV and cover letter by: 29.09.2019
Please send your CV and cover letter to: Tuija Aitto-oja